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If your salon is not always full of clients and you are put off by the high cost of having your own website then I can help you. Here's how....

My wife owns a small beauty salon 25 miles west of London. I created a website several years ago which really pulled in the clients earning us a considerable amount of money. In March 2006 we decided to get it re-designed professionally at a cost of over £1200 - it looks great but doesn't bring in the customers, we lost our ranking on Google, it's almost useless. We are now re-launching our old website because I know what works with the search engines.

So I am also building a network of website's for Beauty Clinics across the UK and to eliminate competition there can only be one Beauty Clinic per town. You will get a web address in the format of

www.your town

Beauty salon BeaconsfieldBut don't worry of you already have a web address because we can link the two together so they both point to the same website. With web addresses being so cheap you might as well have more than one.

As you can see by the name; there can only be one website per town. This will be an absolute magnet for search engines because it has all the terms that the search engines will be looking for - health, beauty, clinic and the area.

By grouping together we will help each other, you will all benefit by being part of a large network and knowing that none of your local competitors can ever join the network. You can join our forum and swap idea's with salons in other towns, after all why shouldn't a salon in Bournemouth help a salon in Bradford - you are never going to be competitors so why not help each other?

We will pass on marketing advice, we will tell you what works for us and you can ask others for advice knowing that it's not going to help your competitors.

This offer is only valid for the first 10 web sites, after that there will be a considerable price increase.

I need you to help me start this network, once I have the first ten sites up and running I will then be charging all future beauty salon's the full rate to setup their sites. I expect this will be around £500 to £750 depending on the number of pages. I urge you to spend a few minutes of your time to look through this site, email me if you have any questions and then join us. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Remember while you are a member you will have locked out your local competition and you will have your own web site for your beauty salon for less 99p per day! Yes you did read that correctly, no fiddles, no con tricks, check us out - we are in the same business as you and are doing this because it will help our Beauty Salon in the search engines but the spin off is everyone in our beauty network gets equal promotion.

    My Unconditional, No Questions Asked, Extremely Simple, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

    If you don't like it? Then you get your money back.

    It's that simple. You pay for only one month at a time. If you ever decide that this is not for you then I will refund your current months payment.

    Just ask.

How can I offer this. Well I am so sure you will find your beauty website so valuable you will never want to leave.

To get this special opening offer email me now or pick up the phone and press these 11 digits now:

0800 310 1148

and the call is free

Don't let someone else beat you to it, remember there can only be one beauty salon or therapist per town on our website.

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